bauma CONEXPO India is Proud to Join Hands with the Construction Federation of India (CFI) for its 2024 Edition

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • CFI enjoys the patronage of leading infrastructure construction companies in India. It is a body “of the sector, for the sector and by the sector”, and will represent their interests at the exhibition.
  • This edition will deepen synergies between construction equipment manufacturers and the infrastructure development ecosystem.
  • bauma CONEXPO India 2024 is likely to attract 1000+ companies and 75,000+ trade visitors from 100+ countries.

bauma CONEXPO India is excited to collaborate with the Construction Federation of India (CFI) for its upcoming 7th edition in North India. One of the premier industry associations in the country, representing the largest construction companies across India, CFI will join hands with bauma CONEXPO India 2024 to promote the issues of tax rationalization, safety and sustainability of construction projects, and skill development in line with Industry 4.0 technologies.

bauma CONEXPO Indiais proud to join hands with the Construction Federation of India (CFI) for its 2024 edition


Building on the successes of the past editions, the 2024 exhibition and conferences will present the latest technologies and innovations for construction sites, mining, extraction and processing of raw materials, production of building materials, and components and services. With its vast network of members representing the largest contractors and developers, CFI will leverage its influence to promote the construction equipment industry and attract key stakeholders from across the country. This partnership will provide a unique platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest technologies and innovations to a highly targeted audience, thus fostering new business partnerships.

About this partnership with CFI, Bhupinder Singh, CEO, bauma CONEXPO India, says, “Today, India is on an accelerated growth path, and infrastructure development is an essential pillar of socio-economic growth. With construction projects increasing in complexity, combined with the demands for improved safety and sustainability outcomes on project sites, adopting the latest equipment technologies holds the key to meeting all stakeholders’ interests. As an important enabler of nation building, members of the Construction Federation of India have been undertaking many complex projects, and therefore, we are excited for this win-win partnership with them. The various experiential platforms at bauma CONEXPO India 2024 such as the demo areas, technical and policy related conferences, buyer-seller forums, business-to-government meetings, and many others, will serve the interests of CFI in adopting and promoting futuristic construction technologies at their project sites in India and abroad.”


Regarding the upcoming partnership with bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2024, Ajit Gulabchand, President – CFI and Chairman – Hindustan Construction Company, says, “India has a massive infrastructure development program today. But when measured against the demands of its expanding and aspirational middle-income population, especially in its smaller towns and villages, the need for infrastructure modernisation is much more than what is envisaged today. Over the years, we have developed a symbiotic relationship between construction companies and equipment manufacturers, which needs to be strengthened in the light of new demands and challenges. Therefore, we are looking forward to collaborating with bauma CONEXPO India, as it has a proven track record of promoting pioneering technologies in the construction business.”

About the key issues that will be highlighted at this exhibition, Vinayak Pai, Vice President – CFI and MD – Tata Projects, says, “Sustainability, technology and skill development are among the main focus areas for CFI today. With the global ecosystem converging around Net Zero, sustainability projects like green hydrogen and solar panels and battery manufacturing plants are some of the emerging project opportunities for construction companies today. Reducing the environmental footprint of our project sites is also a top concern.”

As the industry struggles with shortage of resources, use of technology is an imperative and we are happy to associate with our partners who have been driving technology usage in construction machinery. In addition to that, addressing the skills shortage in the industry through continuous training programs is another area which requires partnerships between equipment manufacturers and construction companies.Therefore, we are happy to join hands with bauma CONEXPO India 2024 and continue working with our partners from the equipment manufacturing ecosystem at this platform and beyond.”

The 7th edition of bauma CONEXPO India will be held on 11-14 December 2024 at the IndiaExpo Mart, Greater Noida.

About Construction Federation of India 
The Construction Federation of India is a representative body of the leading engineering construction firms of the country, engaged over the years in building dams, power stations, roads & highways, bridges, tunnels, seaports, airports, metros, and other basic infrastructure of national importance. The fundamental aim of the Federation is to bring about all-round improvements in the construction sector while striving towards resolution of operational as well as policy-level problems faced by the industry. This involves making efforts to obtain from policy makers and authorities the level of attention that the construction industry deserves in view of its tremendous contribution and importance to the economy.

About bauma CONEXPO INDIA 
bauma CONEXPO INDIA is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles etc. It is the most important industry event for the sector in North India. bauma CONEXPO INDIA brings together the expertise of the world’s top two construction equipment trade fairs-bauma organised by Messe Muenchen in Munich, and CONEXPO-CON/AGG organised by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) in Las Vegas.

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